Naimah, Steve and Cake


Epstein and Hassan have failed in everything in life except our marriage.
We have no money, lousy living conditions & a failing career as a husband and wife comedy team called “theblackandthejew”.
Yet our 33 year marriage is an amazing success.
How is this possible?
This illustrated adult comedy book will share the secrets of “Blackjewlove Technology" and teach you how to make you marriage work.




Epstein & Hassan are “The Black & The Jew”—happily married for over 33 years.

“What I really appreciate about this book is it's honesty and all the nuances woven in it. Sure enough, the authors are very funny. Authentic New York comedians so don't expect any sugar coating here, through their raw sense of humor, they make us laugh as they skillfully teach us about NYC rent control apartments, marriage, sex, and much deeper subjects in vogue as racism, interracial relationships, prejudice and...spirituality. What makes it so real? Their work is their life and their life is their work, literally ..”
-Marcela Albuqerque

“This ebook is more than just funny and raunchy (with hilarious illustrations that look just like the couple, if you've ever seen them perform!). It's actually a super touching story (no pun intended but a good one at that!) What they offer is a recipe for peace, love and acceptance (for/of self AND others), happiness, healing, and harmony at the deepest level during a time when our world could sure use a heavy dose of all of the above. Highly recommend!”
-Paige P.

“I loved this fabulously illustrated honest, funky, full-of-wisdom and memories book. Yep, it has a good chunk about interracial sex, cumming, fun, and the joys and challenges of sharing a tiny apartment in New York. It also has lots of humor and down-home wisdom. It is fun, funny, engaging and both a good beach read and a book to read over and over. Read it, love it, and if you can, see the authors perform their comedy act live! I have and it is hilarious...uncomfortable sometimes, but so worth it! These times call for an honest look at the issues and life challenges written about too.”
-Noir Buff

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